DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-7466-7_se-38

Authors: Noraini Che Pa and Abdullah Mohd Zain


Communication is involved among customer and developer during software requirements elicitation. There are several important components of communication such as medium, sender, receiver and messages. The messages in communication relates to input and output from both parties. Most of these messages delivered through communication medium were incompletely, inconsistently and inaccurately defined. An investigation was done to examine the communication content on the current practices between developer and customer in Malaysia. The results of this study had shown some important notes on the practices of communication content during software requirement selicitation process in Malaysia. In addition, most of the practitioners were pursuing the practices that have been traditionally used by the organizations. Consequently, the results of this study have given us a good incentive to expand our research in the area of software requirements elicitation.

Keywords: Requirements elicitation; software requirements specification; communication content

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