DOI: 10.5176/2251-3833_GHC13.31

Authors: Ibifunke Adegunle

The National Cancer Control Programme is a public health strategy developed by the WHO to guide member states in organising the fight against cancer. This paper compares the treatment objectives stated by France and Germany in their NCCPs, using the DEPLESET analytical framework to explore the positioning of actors and facilities in the health systems to achieve the stated objectives. France has an older national strategy for cancer control and has gone to greater lengths to communicate and measure achievement of these objectives. Germany on the other hand is trialling a more efficient approach for delivering cancer treatment. There is increasing reliance and development of cancer registries as a source of information on patient outcomes in both countries. Opportunities exist for improvement through continuous appraisal and comparison of efforts in the battle against cancer.

Keywords: national cancer control programme, DEPLESET analytical framework, health system

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