DOI: 10.5176/2315-4330_WNC14.102

Authors: Usama Alsaleh, Shewikar Farrag, Tareq Afanah

Abstract: The authors of this article were motivated to work on assessing nurses’ performance as a part of King Abdullah Medical City Staff development program. Aims: (1) to measure the effect of a training program on nurses’ performance. (2) to explore the difference in clinical competence between various nursing professionals from a number of specialized areas. Methods and Results: A study sample composed of 239 Staff Nurses; was assessed in six generic competencies which resulted in a total of 1403 Competencies. Pre-test and Post-test were undertaken to measure performance improvement. T-test was conducted and showed statistically significant difference at P value =0.5. (.00).

Keywords: competency, performance, education

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