DOI: 10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.90

Authors: Sandra Diehl, Ralf Terlutter, Barbara Mueller

Increasingly, advertisers are addressing corporate social
responsibility in their commercial communications. This
investigation explores consumer responses to the GLOBE
dimension of Humane Orientation. Specifically, the influences
of humane-oriented ad appeals on consumer attitudes toward
the ad, as well as toward the product, are examined. Based on
a non-student sample of 663 consumers in four countries
(Germany, Switzerland, France and the US.), results suggest
that, overall, humane orientation is a favorable cultural
dimension for advertising purposes. The higher the perceived
degrees of humane orientation in an advertisement, the more
positive were the attitudes of subjects toward the ad as well as
toward the product. Partial confirmation was found for the
moderating role of level of importance individuals place on
humane orientation (individual humane orientation value)
between perception of humane orientation in the ad and
attitude toward the ad and between perception of humane
orientation in the ad and attitude toward the product.
Implications for the use of humane-oriented appeals in
international advertising are discussed. Limitations and
directions for further research are addressed.
Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility, International
Advertising, Humane Orientation, Attitude toward the Ad,
Attitude toward the Product


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