DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE17.102

Authors: Young-Hun Jun, Eun-Young Shin and Kyoon-Tai Kim


As the level of interest in external façade cleaning has recently increased, technical alternatives that enable a reduction in maintenance costs, security of work safety, and others have come to the fore. Given the increased demand for external window cleaning among businesses that place more emphasis on beautification, there is an urgent need for the development of a guiderail-type cleaning robot with which windows can be easily cleaned. This study proposes a cleaning method using a portable rail and cleaning robot, and as a preliminary study draws upon various considerations, including the assumption that cleaning work involves the automation/mechanization of window cleaning. In addition, a scenario for window cleaning using a portable rail and robot is proposed. In the scenario proposed in this study, the individuals who clean each specific part, as well as each work process, are identified; while the cleaning location and the specifications of each cleaning work are defined. The findings of this research will serve as fundamental data for the future concept design and driving methods of a cleaning robot.

Keywords: cleaning robot, construction automation, maintenance, window cleaning, work scenario


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