DOI: 10.5176/2301-3710_JMComm15.51

Authors: Netra Timilsina

Abstract: the study is focused on guests of two Nepali television’s current affairs talk shows. These talk shows are examined for 1 year on the basis of Gender and Ethnic background of the guests. Content analysis and policy analysis methods have been employed to determine the gender and ethnic diversity in particular talk shows. After analyzing the contents of selected sample, the researcher conducted interview with the producers of the shows to explore specific policies that ensure the diversity in television. The result shows that the concepts of diversity are still only a theoretical phenomenon for Nepali television talk shows. Random and subjective judgment of producer in guest selection simply results the male and certain ethnic community as a dominant group of opinion maker.

Keywords: Media diversity; television and diversity, television talk shows, ethniciy and gender diversity;, minority media.


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