DOI: 10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT33

Authors: Bin Zhang, Yu Yao and Zhenhua Wang

Aiming at the characteristics of postgraduate of computer major, in order to improve the practical ability, we present EduCloud, an innovation practice platform based on cloud computing. EduCloud is driven by cultivation of innovative talents and it introduces the development architecture and development method of large-scale software enterprise into the learning step. The integral cultivation system and implementation scheme for postgraduate of computer major are proposed. Further, on the background of enterprise, we develop integral practical paradigm system which supports popular development frameworks, and we construct a complete platform for both basic experiments and innovation practice. We explore the new way to cultivate high level talents for computer major, and it has great significance for improving the creative practice ability and cultivation level for postgraduate of computer major. Finally, we demonstrate the effectiveness of EduCloud through experiments.

innovation practice platform; cultivation of innovative talents; cloud computing; postgraduate of computer major

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