DOI: 10.5176/2251-3833_GHC14.36

Authors: Dr. Annapoorna, K and Dr.Latha, K.S.

Abstract: Diabetes mellitus is one of the leading causes of death globally. The etiology of Diabetes is multifactorial as genetic factors, lack of exercise, faulty diet. Obesity and Stress also contributes to Diabetes which is also related to other medical complications. Stress increases the blood glucose levels and the risk for stroke, heart disease and infections. Obese people have higher risk of developing Diabetes, since both body fat and fat circulating in the bloodstream appear to interfere with the ability of cells to use insulin. In most cases, it is easy to ignore Diabetes in its early stage, especially when one is asymptomatic. Strengthening the immune system is also vital since some illnesses can cause the body to produce more blood sugar. Research findings reveal remarkable improvements of effect of Yoga therapy on Diabetes. Regular practices of yoga prevent and reduce blood pressure, body weight, stress levels.
Aim of this study was to evaluate effect of yoga therapy on risk factors of diabetes in terms of reduction in body weight and stress levels as preventive aspect. Objectives were to bring about correction of body weight, reduction of waist line, to reduce stress levels, to improve quality of life. In the present study twelve obese subjects who have also reported about subjective stress, aged 20 to 40 years (3 males & 9 females) who were having family history of diabetes, obesity and hypertension willing to participate in the program were recruited. Those suffering from medical and psychiatric disorders were excluded. Their Body Mass Index, Waist - hip ratio, blood pressure, pulse rate were measured. To evaluate stress level the Psychological General Well-Being Schedule questionnaire was administered. They were trained in yoga therapy for 45 minutes and instructed to practice twice a day with balanced dietary intake. Reassessment was done after three months.
Pre and post assessment showed significant reduction in Body Mass Index, Waist Hip ratio measures. Practice of yoga showed reduction in over weight there by controlling obesity. There was significant reduction in blood pressure and pulse rate measures showed decreased physiological symptoms of stress. Also showed reduction in anxiety and depression scores. Also significant improvement in scores of wellbeing, self-control, general health, vitality, which suggests that there was improvement in quality of life of the subjects.
The present study showed that adjunctive practice of yoga therapy significantly improves quality of life and prevents various risk factors of diabetes mellitus.

Keywords: yoga, prevention, obesity, stress, quality of life

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