DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE16.96

Authors: Waldemar Bober, Przemyslaw Stobiecki


The use of potential energy of the vehicles parked in the building may new way of gaining energy. The subject of the present research is a description of the system of production and distribution of energy. In order to acquire electric energy it is proposed to install air turbines of a vertical rotation axis powering small generators of electric energy connected with each of the turbine separately. The turbines are the ones of a new type. They use several new and original solutions of a pioneering and visionary character. An important parameter of the tested solution is to determine the location and connectivity elements of the examined system. The main focus of the research project is the analysis and evaluation of indicators and parameters affecting urban ways of solving the parking handling systems in the Polish cities. The research project focuses on the complex issues associated with environmentally friendly urban planning. First of all, in order to organize the field of research, the need for the implementation of modifiable prefabricated parking facilities should be justified.

Keywords: pc elements; sustainability; ecological equipment

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