DOI: 10.5176/2251-1865_CBP22

Authors: Mohammad Ali Taheri and Maryam Heydari

Abstract: From the perspective of Erfan (Mysticism), ethical conduct can be achieved only when other levels/ranks of living forms in the universe are also considered. For instance, if someone does not harm others and is merciful, he/she is viewed as a good person, nevertheless in this regard he is just similar to a tree that offers its shade and fruit to the passers-by and causes them no harm. [Therefore; in this regard he is considered as an equal and NOT superior to a tree!] This state is in fact called the 'zero point', which means a necessary, yet not sufficient prerequisite to humanity and morality.

In any crime or felony committed, the entire society is an accomplice, as a society with a high stand of insight and culture would suffer from less crime and violations. This is not achievable only by adhering to high ethical moralities or quantitative ethics in practice; on the contrary, it requires qualitative ethics, namely, by acquiring an inner certitude, a total comprehension/perception that can be achieved through practical Erfan (Mysticism).

Another concern with moralities is the inadequate motivation. The guarantee to the practice of morality and ethics which is materialized by advice, exhortation and notification, is indeed the fear of punishment or expectation of reward. Commonly, an act which is based on the individual's disbelief and is imposed to his heart, leads to internal pressures that will be processed in the unconscious mind, and eventually will deteriorate the health of the individual. Although, it will stop him from unethical misconducts such as theft, bribery, and so on; it causes other struggles including a later depression, loss of inner happiness and an active effective social presence. While Erfan (Mysticism) avoids such problems by increasing the individual's understanding and insight towards his existence and his relation to the whole universe and other human beings, which this perception in turn, strengthens the belief to ethical issues.

Keywords: Ethics; Erfan (Mysticism); Interuniversal Mysticism; Zero point; behavior; Interuniversal consciousness; philosophy of creation, Step of Logic, Step of Eshgh ( Love), Interuniversal Mysticism ( Erfan-e Halgheh), innate, instinct

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