DOI: 10.5176/2251-3809_LRPP16.17

Authors: Robert Grzeszczak


The analysis concerns one of the most significant problems, that is the functioning of the public sector in theory and in practice. The article aims at presenting the concept of good governance, the recommended initiatives and forms of implementation as well as answering the question of how the crisis influences the performance of integration tasks and the condition of the Member States. From this broad field, certain general and detailed problems have been selected for analysis, including the ‘good governance concept’ that was developed at the point in time when political decisions were taken to initiate the integration processes. The first objective of the article is the hypothesis that XXI century is the time of transition from government to governance, which is connected the with the postulate of introducing the good governance system in the EU and in the Member States. The next objective is to precisely and systematically analyze issues, which constitute the concept of good governance in the EU. Realization of the principle of good governance includes a number of detailed initiatives, of which the article refers to the latest of these.

Keywords: good Governance, european law, European Union

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