DOI: 10.5176/2301-3710_JMComm13.38

Authors: Inci Çağlayan, Uğur Gündüz and Nilüfer Pembecioğlu

Television Commercials are very important to ‘call’ the people to do something. Their functions could vary from taking part in an action just like in the public spots, to being aware of some new or better product. The concepts, slogans are created to ‘sell’ the idea. Sometimes, the ‘idea’ gets so much importance and attention that what is the thing to be sold looses all its importance. Different marketing styles were applied at each step and different styles appear to convince and motivate the audience. Sometimes, they are didactic, sometimes lyric, epic, romantic, etc. The structure and the meaning of the message and how these combinations are followed is the main concern of this paper.

The study concentrates on the second half of December 2012 commercials broadcasted on two well-known and widely preferred television channels in Turkey. The commercials were recorded for the two weeks during the prime time serials. The main idea of choosing December was that it’s end of the year, people’s readiness to watch television during long hours of winter nights and the possible new-year celebrations as well as the choice of the best possible gifts for the beloved ones. The commercials were given numbers and they were classified considering if they have a humor factor in them or not. The humor factor in the commercial was to be analyzed further as to reach to the conclusions. The study is expected to find answers to the previously put questions regarding how the humor elements are made use of in recent commercial structures.

Keywords: Humor, TV Commercials, Humor Factor, Turkey, Fox TV


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