DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE17.123

Authors: Ding-Chin Chou and Wei-Chung Kuo


This study investigated the relationship between mixed-lighting environments and psychological responses. We conducted a survey to evaluate participant satisfaction under controlled conditions of light output ratio and color temperature changes at an illuminance of 500 lx, which is the standard recommended value for work-plane illumination. The results were as follows: (a) Participant psychological satisfaction was higher for general lighting of 500 lx and general lighting of 400 lx combined with local lighting of 100 lx compared to other lighting environments; and(b)participant satisfaction with configurations featuring a light-source color temperature of 3000 K was greater compared to configurations featuring color temperatures of 4000 K and 6500 K.

Keywords: illuminance; color temperature; mixed lighting


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