DOI: 10.5176/2251-3426_THoR17.15

Authors: Wang Ya Han

Abstract: In recent years, seasonal tourism has gradually become a trend in China, self-consistency is mostly applied in the marketing disciplines, but self-congruity as a starting point to explore whether it will affect the seasonal tourist destination loyalty, it has theoretical significance. This paper mainly studies the relationship between self-congruity and functional consistency as the mediator, the tourism experience as the adjustment variable, discusses the relationship between them, carries on the descriptive statistical analysis and the exploratory factor analysis through the survey questionnaire, And then use the AMOS7.0 variables on the reliability and validity of the confirmatory factor analysis (Confirmatory Factor Analysis, CFA),And the relationship between the three variables of the structural equation model (Structural Equation Modeling, SEM), verify the results. Predictive conclusion, the actual self consistency and functional self consistency are positively related to the destination loyalty, and the adjustment of tourism experience is confirmed.

Keywords: Self-Congruity; Seasonal Tourism; Destination Loyalty; Sanya City


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