DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE17.112

Authors: Pedram Ghelichi and Zhu Jingxiang


This paper is to unveil undiscovered innovations related to structure and space in Studio Vacchini, located in Locarno, designed in 1984 by Swiss architect, Livio Vacchini. By using two different types of structure, an unexceptional tube structure standing on the top of a beam less column-slab structure, for a small studio, Vacchini demonstrated how loadbearing structural organization can simultaneously achieve multiple objectives: regulating light and motion, defining a function and ultimately leading to an enriched user experience. Such kind of delicate dependency of structure, program, and space can be found as a conscious pursuit of leading architects in this century.

Keywords: component; Studio Vacchini, load-bearing structure, Structural organization, Spatial experience, Livio Vacchini


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