DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-5480-5_088

Authors: Golam Ashraf, Yong Peng Why, Md. Tanvirul Islam


Games with a purpose’ is a paradigm where games are designed to computationally capture the essence of the underlying collective human conscience or commonsense that plays a major role in decision-making. This human computing method ensures spontaneous participation of players who, as a byproduct of playing, provide useful data that is impossible to generate computationally and extremely difficult to collect through extensive surveys. In this paper we describe a game that allows us to collect data on human perception of character body shapes. The paper describes the experimental setup, related game design constraints, art creation, and data analysis. In our interactive roleplaying detective game titled Villain Ville, players are asked to characterize different versions of full-body color portraits of three villain characters. They are later supposed to correctly match their character-trait ratings to a set of characters represented only with outlines of primitive vector shapes. By transferring human intelligence tasks into core game-play mechanics, we have successfully managed to collect motivated data. Preliminary analysis on game data generated by 50 secondary school students shows a convergence to some common perception associations between role, physicality and personality. We hope to harness this game to discover perception for a wide variety of body-shapes to build up an intelligent shape-trait-role model, with application in tutored drawing, procedural character geometry creation and intelligent retrieval.

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