DOI: 10.5176/2315-4330_WNC15.58

Authors: Dr. Mercy Popoola


Florence Nightingale environmental nursing theory long ago gave nursing a holistic framework for praxis. The heart of Nightingale praxis is the power to use the environment, observations, critical thinking, pattern recognition, and the use of knowledge and research to improve lives and practice. The purpose of this paper is to explain the meaning and importance of the concept of praxis from a holistic perspective using Nightingale exemplary nursing heritage and praxis theorist for creating best praxis for online education. It is important to understand that there are epidemiologic justifications for the use of praxis as a conceptual framework especially if we are to promote critical thinking in nursing, advance online education, and improve the standards for nursing education-practice globally. Although praxis is no longer a new concept in nursing, it is exciting to know that the idea of praxis is finally taking it rightful place in the mainstream and is grounded in the concept of critical thinking. And it is more exciting to know that nursing praxis started with Nightingale. This paper will also use the critical thinking praxis philosophy to provide some tips for preventing cyber-attacks.

Keywords: Praxis, Nightingale, Critical Thinking, Online Education, Distance Education, Best Praxis, Cyber Attacks, Holistic Perspective, and Holistic Praxis. )

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