DOI: 10.5176/2251-2403_PSSIR16.32

Authors: Tian-jia Dong


This paper attempts to build up the sociological groundwork for theoretically addressing a critical theme of our time: human togetherness and global governance. It synergizes most major sociological theories by digging into their underlying frame of thinking and piecing together their seemingly different, even opposing arguments. It therefore highlights the essence of human togetherness as connection of social forces based on the three pillars, the communal binding, the coercive mastership, and the interdependent partnership. To achieve a better human togetherness, we need to exercise human wisdom to maintain and improve the three pillars. It might be the theoretical foundation for sensible solutions to the practical issue of global governance.

Keywords: human togetherness, pillar of communal binding, pillar of coercive mastership, pillar of interdependent partnership, social forms of global governance

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