DOI: 10.5176/2251-3566_L317.101

Authors: Natallia Zhabo, Marina Avdonina, Vadim Plushikov, Elena Notina and Hairova Nadiya

Abstract: One of the techniques that make up the training of future specialists in the field of agriculture, medicine and ecology to obtain a second diploma, “Translator of special texts”. Creation of a student video in a foreign language is carried out according to the project methodology on the basis of some traditional cultural component - in this case - the image of "La petite robe noire" in the culture of France, becoming in our project a designer decoration of the interior made of black chrysanthemums. Regular use of this form of work in extracurricular activities provides a significant increase in the level of proficiency in translation skills at the beginner level. Seven stages of project implementation are discussed. Due to increased internal motivation, the level of independence of students participating in the project is increasing; skills and abilities of independent application of acquired knowledge in new situations are formed; students acquire the ability to get expert help from fellow experts in various fields, in our case, in the field of video creation techniques. Each develops his/her own ways of memorizing words, develops his mental skills, techniques of working with text, etc. Students realize the professional importance of owning such a complex practical skill as translation, to enhance employability in the labor market.

Keywords: foreign language for special purposes; method of projects; student video; culture of France


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