DOI: 10.5176/2251-1970_BizStrategy18.100

Authors: Shahzad Khan

Abstract: The main purpose of this research was to find out the factors which influence buyer intention to buy original brands and their counterfeits in Peshawar product market. Specifically, it examines the impact of past purchases (of original brands and their counterfeits), buyer attitudes (toward the economic benefits of counterfeit purchase and hedonic benefits of counterfeit purchase), and personal characteristics (i.e. self-image, materialism, and perceived future social status) on consumer intention to purchase original luxurious brands and their counterfeits. Based on a preliminary study, five brands in five different product items were selected and used for the study. About 200 people participated and filled in the self-administered questionnaires for the current survey. Multiple regression analyses were employed to test the research hypotheses. The results indicated that past purchases, affordability and personal characteristics were significant predictors of consumer intention to buy originals vs counterfeits. Most antecedents (except purchase intention of originals and attitude towards hedonic benefits of counterfeit purchase) had significant influences on buying intention of original brands and counterfeits. Meanwhile, buyer intention to buy counterfeits and buyer intention to purchase original brands have positive reciprocal influences. Finding of the study suggest that buyers are ready to buy both originals and counterfeits brands. it looks like that buyer’s affordability is one of the main issue to be solved. However, for the purpose of clarifying and understanding these results more clearly, more studies are conduct by taking large sample size and broader geographical scope.

Keywords:  Counterfeit Luxury Brands, Original Luxury
Brands, Product Market


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