DOI: 10.5176/2315-4330_WNC15.129

Authors: Mr Jorge Riquelme, Prof. Dr. Manuel Lillo-Crespo and Miss Mª Cristina Sierras


INTRODUCTION PALLIARE is a research European Project born through Erasmus+ call 2014. It is financed with 290.000 Euros by the European Union and led by the University of the West of Scotland (UWS). There are 7 Eurozones participating (Scotland, Slovenia, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic and Spain) with a multidisciplinary healthcare perspective. The project is organized throughout 11 work packages called Intelectual Outputs (IO). Spain is the lead-partner of one of the main intellectual outputs, based on the Case study method to map the advanced dementia care experience all over Europe. The University from Spain is placed in Alicante (University of Alicante) Southeast of Spain. PROJECT DESCRIPTION AND MAIN PURPOSE: In line with the European Higher Education Modernization Agenda (EC 2011) this project will provide educational solutions in the form of innovative interprofessional learning experiences to tackle stereotyping of dementia care as low skilled and dismantle leadership barriers facing certain disciplines with a predominately female workforce. We aim to create a range of social participatory and practice based learning resources to equip qualified practitioners from all health and social care disciplines to champion improvements to extended palliative dementia care in their workplace and through membership of a facilitated virtual international community of practice. Such shared dynamic interprofessional education, will promote confidence, liberate untapped talent and encourage workforce mobility with the added value of improving the status of dementia care as a career choice. Economic pressures mean that existing care systems cannot simply expand to meet the challenge of increasing numbers of people with dementia. There is an imperative to develop innovative and more efficient ways of supporting people with dementia, making full use of all resources available. Increased public awareness across Europe and demands for better dementia care make it imperative that we harness the human capital and collaboratively refresh workforce development stratagem and build creative learning solutions to strengthen dementia care capabilities and capacity across Europe.The focus of this programme is on the understanding the condition and providing care in the early stages of dementia. We are proposing an inter-professional education development relevant for health and social care professionals including physicians with a focus on championing change and service improvements. The project will strengthen interprofessional collaboration across all health and social care disciplines involved in dementia care across partner countries. It will facilitate opportunities to review and augment current workforce preparation, and importantly encourage new thinking on a future dementia worker or blend of disciplines for the C21st European dementia workforce.

Keywords: European Project/Dementia/Dementia Care Experience/
Dementia worforce/Virtual International Community of Practice/ Experiential Learning/

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