DOI: 10.5176/2251-2403_PSSIR17.40

Authors: Muhammad Bilal


This study examines the effect of political reforms on female’s political participation in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) province of Pakistan. This province (See Naz, Ibrahim and Ahmad, 2012) is comparatively least open for political participation of females. Globally, gender based competition is inevitable in all spheres of life. More importantly, women involvement in politics remains quite low than men. Due to the globalization, last few decades have witnessed a change in political structures as these structures become more open for women to actively participate in the political process. These changes have positive effects on the countries like Pakistan. In past, the inferior position of females was reinforced by various governmental policies that were unsuccessful to recognize female’s rights and their approach to services and opportunities as compared to males (UNIFEM, 2005). However, various political reforms have been brought at federal and provincial levels for the empowerment of women in Pakistani society. This study uncovered the impact of the political changes on female’s political participation. It is carried out with the objectives “to investigate awareness level of the female’s political activists about political changes” and “to assess female’s political activist’s perception about the impact of political changes on their political participation”. Data comes for this study from two Tehsiles (namely Mardan and Swabi of Mardan Division, KP). Respondent’s nature was only women’s political activists. Using stratified and purposive sampling methods respectively data was collected from 400 respondents. Data was collected through an extensive interview schedule. The study found that most of the respondents had awareness regarding political changes brought by different governments. Female’s political activist’s perception was positive towards the impact of political changes on female’s political empowerment

Keywords: Gender; Women’s Political Activists, Women’s Political Participation, Women’s


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