DOI: 10.5176/2251-1938_ORS13.28

Authors: Sri Indrawati


The automotive industries required to constantly innovate as a result of the dynamic market needs. Product quality become the key factor in innovation process that brings value to the customer. In order to maximize the level of product acceptance comparing to the foreign brands, this research is conducted to analyze quality dimension of Indonesian national motorcycle. The customer survey is generated to determine the customer needs and their priorities.

The data were then verified using statistics and subsequently used to develop the quality dimensions and its priority weights using analytical hierarchy process. Further, a depth analysis of quality dimensions is done by conducting a comparative analysis of every dimension of the quality of the product.

The research proves that the quality dimensions of Indonesian national motorcycle are price, additional advantage, Indonesian brand, serviceability, physical appearance, performance, product dimension, and supporting facilities. That eight quality dimensions gives an impact towards the Indonesian national motorcycle, thus it is linked to a customer’s value and satisfaction.

Keywords: quality dimension, customer preference, national motorcycle

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