DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-5480-5_038

Authors: R. Rama Kishore, Prof. Yogesh Singh, Prof B.V.R.Reddy


Applications in computer graphics and related fields can benefit from automatic simplification of complex polygonal surface models. High detailed models are used by these applications. These models are too complex for the limited hardware capacity and take so much time to render and to transmit. The problem of simplifying the surface with quality maintenance has been analyzed. An effective algorithm for producing high-quality simplifications of the unsimplified model is a valuable tool for managing data complexity. Surface simplification algorithm based on iterative edge contraction is presented in this work. Quadric error metric is used to find the quality of the model. This algorithm is implemented on 5 different models. These models are simplified at different levels. Comparative analysis has been performed and experiments are repeated without taking care of quality and also compared with quality simplification. APIs are created and implemented in MAYA as plug-in.

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