DOI: 10.5176/2382-5677_PYTT16.3

Authors: Maxim Polyakov, Nikolai Bormatenko, Igor Khanin


Abstract—The Semiotics Practical Productivity Paradox is a distinct discrepancy between the potentially great practical importance of signs and unmeasurably more meager impact of the current science of signs (semiotics) on practice. There is a point of view that the humanities in principle are not able to achieve the same impact as, for example, physics. Contrary to this opinion a quasi-physical approach to the non-physical phenomena, which is discussed in this article and implemented through the sign infrastructure of data, is aimed to a formation of the sign constructions and technologies as the constituents of organizations

Keywords: noosphere; semiosphere; infosphere; quasi-physical approach; vertical integration of knowledge; development of paradigm innovations; system-semiotic paradigm; sign structure; data infrastructure; architecture of organizations and systems


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