DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-8227-3_WebTech2011_27

Authors: Sungkwon Yang, Eunghee Kimm, HyoungJae Park, Nansu Zong and Hong-Gee Kim

Structured data search engine has gained much attention recently. With well-structured data set, search engine can help user to directly access to the exact information. Because,it is not for user to express a query depicting conditions ofinformation he/she needs, the search engine needs an intuitive user interface which support query expansion with relevant words to a user’s given keywords.However, traditional query expansion method was designed for keyword-based queries, and,it is not easy to build the user interface. In this paper, we propose a query expansion method supporting interactive query expansion for information retrieval on structured data such as relational database and XML documents.The proposed method exploits relationships between instances in structured dataset to enrich a user’s keywords and consequently, to provide highly relevant result sets.We implemented our proposed model we movie contents database managed and serviced by Daum communications which is one of the major portal sites in Korea.
Keywords: component; Interactive Query Expansion; StructuredData Search; Relationship-based


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