DOI: 10.5176/2301-3710_JMComm14.29

Authors: Nilüfer Pembecioğlu


Futuristic studies were always the main concern of the human and they always wanted to dominate the future. The media provides us so many different concepts either related with the past or today. Yet, more commonly, they provide concepts about the future. The future image of the world in the next decade, the hopeful changes of the next century are always interesting and enjoyable for the masses. The millions of people do not buy the products but the image and the hopes they provide or represent. Thus, the representation of future in the television ads is a very important topic to be discussed.
The media images, the newspapers and television are full of messages providing a kind of implied or indicated future perspective. In future, there are either utopias or dystopias provided for the audience. If it is a dystopian advertisement, it would be focusing on the fear appeal theory to sell the product. In its more optimistic point of view the message would be concentrating on creating a utopic future image. In both cases, the masses would be affected through the message.
This paper aims to concentrate on how the concept of future is handled in the media especially on television commercials in Turkey. Turkey provides an interesting perspective in respect to media and its representations since the media images regarding the future would be functioning in a way to tell the truth about the future expectations of the audiences as well. Regarding the concept of future for the Turkish audience, the paper mainly focuses on the data involving the one-month collection of the advertisements. The data is analyzed to see how much the issue is handled, the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the data.
Mainly concentrating on how the concept of future is presented and positioned in television commercials, this study aims to understand the possible changes within the presented social relations, situations, women problems, how the future statue of the women or the places belonging to them (houses, schools, kitchen, bathroom, etc) and actions involving them are designed in these commercials. In other words what kind of differences could be seen between the present world and the future design?
The collection of the out coming images would provide us the main data to be deciphered in economic, political and social as well as communicative perspectives. The main outcomes of the paper would be the future picture of the country and what kind of innovations is expected within the country in the upcoming years. The other perspective is to make us to see that how much ‘future’ is sold for the present generation. The yielding of the research would be used as a tool to understand the expected standards of life, values and possible changes within the society through the advertisements.

Keywords: Tv Commercials, Future, Values, Media Impact


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