DOI: 10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT13.07

Authors: Yu Cheng Ho, Wen Huei Chou, Yu Xiang Wang, Yi Jin Li


After participated “Little Sun Elder Day Care Center” voluntary program, this study deploys participant observation method to investigate the existing problems for Alzheimer's disease day care centers for caregivers, and brings forward a design project to solve the problems.

The self-dignity of the elderly was formed since they were grew up, the dementia phenomenon caused by the aging brain function formed by the rapid degradation will not be denied to elders to defend self- esteem mentality. Consequently, many quarrels are raised because their self-dignities are still highly safeguarded but their Alzheimer disease affects their daily lives from maintain a clear and correct behavior.

This design project aims to design an intelligent TAG device, for assisting elders to remember their own belongings, in order to avoid the unnecessary conflict when other elders accidentally take the wrong personal items, also it can help caregivers to go to help dealing with the problems in the conflict in a timely manner.

Keywords: BAND-AID; Tag; RFID; Elders

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