DOI: 10.5176/2315-4330_WNC16.77

Authors: Dr Jennifer C F Loke, Bryant K Lee, Emma Bush


Caring in its two co-existing dimensions as instrumental and expressive caring behaviours are expected to be taught and nurtured in nursing education. In the context of rapid technological developments, medium fidelity simulation activities are often replaced by high fidelity simulation scenarios to achieve successful learning. This change was driven by the assumption that high fidelity simulation was able to create a learning environment close to a real clinical setting, and therefore, was better at imparting expressive caring behaviours alongside teaching instrumental caring behaviours. However, given the limited educational resources and funding, high fidelity simulation scenario learning remained a challenge in many nursing faculties. As part of a larger study, a quasi experimental design was employed to establish the effects of a blended approach using medium fidelity simulation activities with podcasting on the caring behaviours amongst nursing students. The findings supported the blended approach which comprised an ‘expressive caring oriented’ teaching strategy.

Keywords: Blended learning; caring behaviours; clinical skills; nursing education; podcasting; simulation learning

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