DOI: 10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT07

Authors: B. Moreira, M. Kischinhevsky, M.Zamith, E. Clua and D. Brandão


In this work we present a novel and efficient manner to calculate and simulate the propagation of acoustic waves in games using methods that can lead to a real-time result. We propose a parallel approach, using the power of a GPU for fast calculations of the numeric methods. In our proposed method we adapt known equations in order to compute damping effects in the propagation phenomena. While the results of the complete propagation still can not be processed in real time, we propose pre-processing strategies in order to obtain interactive results. We test our results at an interactive environment and show the potential of our proposal for realistic sound rendering for upcoming video-games and interactive multimedia experiences.

Keywords: Sound wave propagation, Attenuation,Finite Difference Methods, GPU Computing, Audio Effects, Sound Rendering

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