DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-5480-5_084

Authors: Wanee Tipaksorn, Punnarumol Temdee


Ubiquitous Learning has been widely introduced nowadays. It employs the advanced Information Communication Technology to provide the seamless learning system for life-long learning. Learning Object (LO) plays the important role in Ubiquitous Learning Environment (ULE) as the content repository for the students. For ULE, the unconscious and satisfied individual learning pace is the important requirement for the students. Therefore, LOs are generally designed to serve this requirement. This paper proposes smart LOs to provide the unconscious and satisfied individual learning pace to the students in ULE. More specifically, the proposed LOs can provide the unconscious content changing and the suitable content to the students’ performances and preferences. The proposed LOs are connected with ontology-based method to provide the related contents for serving the unconscious changing of the content. At the same time, these LOs can interact intellectually among each other for providing the suitable learning pace to the students. Finally, the content connectivity, the performance and the preference of the students are used by the current LO for selecting new LO for the students regarding to the constructed decision rules. The developed smart LOs are tested with 40 students from Mae Fah Luang University enrolling the Introduction to Artificial Intelligence subject. The result shows that the students are significantly satisfied their individual learning paces. Moreover, the students can significantly achieve higher learning efficiencies by learning with the developed LOs.

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