DOI: 10.5176/2251-3566_L317.22

Authors: Yuqing Sun and Zhao Shuo

Abstract: Doris Lessing accepts the 2007 Nobel Prize for Literature with her book The Golden Notebook which was regarded as the culmination of her works that investigates the relationship between men and women In the 20th century. She applies modern narrative techniques to subvert the traditional narrative structure to reconstruct the discourse power and the female subjectivity. This paper explores themes of this book with four aspects: narrative perspective, narrative voice, narrative time, and narrative rhetoric from the perspective of feminist narratology and argues that the author’s subversion of ordinary narrative methods and reconstruction of female narrative authority break the female situation of objectivity and peripheralization, and realize the exploration of harmonious equal the relationship between male and female.

Keywords: feminist narratology; Doris Lessing; The Golden Notebook; narrative strategy


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