DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE15.110

Authors: Assist. Prof. Dr. Hasan BEGEÇ and Darioush BASHİRİ HAMİDABAD


Application methods for sustainability concept, put forward as a solution proposal for human and environment health problems in daily life are also being researched in the architectural field as other disciplines. Development of design and application methods for high rise buildings in accordance with principles of sustainable architecture has a great importance since they have a bigger amount of environmental charge due to their scale and the intense user population regarding the phases of construction, use and deconstruction. Besides being restricted and consumed in our days, fossil energy sources are perceived more and argued because of giving harm to environment. Architectural discipline, without giving any harms to natural environment via the facts, begins to lead the ecological and sustainable approaches that responds the needs of humanity. In this area high-rise building known as a most energy-consuming building type, during the construction and life time of high-rise buildings, they have most energy consumption and environmental pollution, which is unacceptable. In this context, This study area in sustainable concept includes case study of Lombardia tower in Milan and De Rotterdam tower in Rotterdam as a best examples of high-rise buildings in Europe and investigate The concepts of ecological environment, active energy using and energy saving of ecological and sustainable architectural concepts, green construction and sustainable building principles and methods, in those high-rise building examples.

Keywords: Sustainability; High-rise buildings; Energy efficiency; Active and passive applications; Case study

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