DOI: 10.5176/2301-3710_JMComm15.10

Authors: Salih Seyhan and M. Serdar Erciş

Abstract: The ability of a business to survive and become successful is directly associated with its corporate reputation. For this reason, businesses today place more and more importance on reputation management. At the bottom of reputation management lies the ability of a business to manage its relations with its shareholders. The understanding of management in the conventional sense has now given way to a wider approach by which a business can manage its relations with all its shareholders. Just as the ability of a business to manage its relations with its shareholders influences its corporate reputation, a positive corporate reputation is an indicator that a business can manage its shareholders efficiently. Of these groups of shareholders the media is increasing its area of influence and its power. While this area of influence of the media is frequently scrutinized in fields such as political science, sociology, psychology and economics, one do not encounter many studies on its relationship with businesses. It is well-known in the business world, however, that not only the activities which a business does are important, but also it is a requirement for success to make them properly available for target masses. In this regard, we are going to examine in this study the importance of the media in the relations of a business with its shareholders and in reputation management, and the management of relations with the media.

Keywords: Corporate Reputation, Corporate Shareholder Management, Media


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