DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-7466-7_itcse-45

Authors: Rissaphop Treesuwan and Tanes Tanitteerapan


The purpose of this study is to develop are liable speed learning system that utilizes the correlation functions of a wide variety of Problem-Based Learning and Mind-Mapping implementations. The technique used in developing the system is based on the objectives of Lean Management Model, which emphasizes time loss and waste management. The results show continuous learning accomplished through uncomplicated teaching step(s) during a class lecture. The PBMAP-MODEL isused for analyzing and controlling the flow of lessons whilst giving information throughout the entire pattern making process of the learning system. Ideally, the PBMAP-MODEL is used to investigate a fully automated pattern production system that uses the principles of Information Technology (IT) and Computerized Numerically-Controlled (CNC) machine tool, especially in Logistics. A foundry school (NorthBangkok University) was selected to test the system. The production cycle time and the number of buffers used served as indicators of performance of the traditional and automated production methods. In this paper, production output is assumed to be quality learners. The production methods are monitored, while data were collected and analyzed. Professionals in this field then studied, developed and constructed state maps for both types of production systems, with the weak points addressed and treated. Findings show the PBMAP MODEL performance evaluation represents a new dimension of learning while delivering improvements inteaching models.

Keywords: Speed Learning System, Lean, PBMAPMODEL (Problem-Based Solution based on Mind MappingLearning Model), Lean Information Management Model

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