DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-3190-5_CGAT7

Authors: Dr. John R. Rankin, Sandra Sampayo Vargas


The creation of Metaphorical FPS games and the testing of them have helped us to find the improvements required in the development of tools for low-end Educational Serious Games. In the Metaphorical FPS game we are using the same well-known and accepted basic game features from an FPS game as symbols and metaphors of things in a real teaching lesson and the rules of the game are changed to correspond with the real-world system of the learning concept. From the results of the surveys done on two Metaphorical FPS games we believe that it is essential to build the introductory module which will give the necessary instructions to the player to understand the game objectives, the facilities provided and the obstacles in the game. We also found it necessary to build the in-game tutor module which will provide help to the player and constant feedback of the actions that he is accomplishing while playing. Both modules can be constructed as tools required for the development of low-end Educational Serious Games. These and other improvements for constructing Metaphorical FPS games are in accordance with principles from Cognitive Load Theory.

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