DOI: 10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.99

Authors: Ekwueme, Omanwa Ifeoma

Abstract:In this era of digitization, the media industry has become worrisome on the uses and abuses of media ethics by journalists while disseminating information. The emergence of social media brought in its wake some tools that help breach ethics of journalism more. In order to curb this, journalists and citizens in developing countries should focus their attention more on communication for development, while developed countries should focus on communication for sustainable development. The rationale behind this suggestion is that media ethics involve exhibiting good behavior, “it is a branch of philosophy which aids in determining what is right to do,” (Oloruntola, 2007:58). It would be easy to change media misconduct through development communication that has the capacity to address such problem. Development communication also known as communication for development (not communication development) is a communication strategy used by the media to transmit development programs and/or information to specific audience with the aim of changing their perception and behavior to elicit attitudinal change that would reflect in their character and promote development. Journalists whose attitudes are geared towards self and societal development will easily conduct the ways and manners he/she disseminates information, and will indirectly adhere to media ethics.

Keywords:journalism; ethics; development; communication; new media


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