DOI: 10.5176/2301-3710_JMComm16.49

Authors: Professor Jarrod Haar

Abstract: The relationships of work-family conflict to job satisfaction are well established. However, potential moderating effects are under-explored. The present study explores team communication which is suggested as not only directly influencing job satisfaction and making a job better, but also buffering the detrimental influence of conflict from work and family roles. Support for direct and moderating effects are found in a multi-level study of 298 employees nested in 80 teams. Two-way and three-way significant interactions were found, highlighting the importance of team communication on these relationships. Overall, respondents with high team communication are able to buffer the otherwise detrimental effects of conflict, highlighting the value of good team communication.

Keywords: work-family conflict; team communication; job satisfaction; moderation; multi-level.


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