DOI: 10.5176/2301-3710_JMComm18.120

Authors: Dr. P. Rajendran and Parisutham John Britto

Abstract: WhatsApp is one of the media of technology available such as i-phone, Android, windows phone and WhatsApp web in the computer which is popular among the youth to send and receive spoken and written text messages, audio and video calls, videos, still pictures to friends, and relatives. It is a powerful medium connecting people for the exchange of information and ideas. It is a highly addictive medium, and the users’ happiness and sadness depend upon how they receive a reply from other users. WhatsApp makes the communication through multimedia messaging. Any social network system popularity depends upon how well it meets users’ personal need and desire. It helps the users to explore their opportunities and experiences. This paper tries to analyze what kind of impact psychologically and socially WhatsApp create among the lives of the youth.

Keywords: multimedia – psychology – messaging


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