DOI: 10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.93

Authors: Chang Yun-Chen, Tseng Tzu-hui A, Chiu Shin-Che

Previous studies have shown that breast cancer patients are under great pressure that may cause physiological diseases. Past researches have found that exposure to natural landscapes and gardening improves the mental wellbeing of patients. We collected breast cancer patients participated in this study and were divided into a test group and control group. The test group underwent two weeks of nature therapy while the control group underwent no treatment. The participants' physiological indicators for stress (saliva cortisol and blood cortisol). In addition to medications for stress, anxiety and depression, and demoralization, nature therapy can also be used to treat patients. These results can be used by medical professionals in treating psychological ailments.

Keywords: cortisol; breast cancer;natural


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