DOI: 10.5176/2251-3833_GHC16.45

Authors: LO Sze Wan, Dr Cheng Lai Sheung Winnie, Dr SUN Fenghau, Bob, Prof. LO Sing Kai

Abstract: Childhood obesity is a serious health problem around the world. The problem also currently exists in Hong Kong. Unhealthy lifestyle behaviour is a key factor contributing to childhood obesity. Many preceding programs of childhood obesity were conducted but the findings were controversial. The review revealed the specific characteristics of childhood obesity and the effective strategies in Hong Kong context. Parents have significant influence in shaping lifestyle behaviour of children. While Chinese culture, informal childcare and more energy-dense food consumptions are the specific factors affecting children in lifestyle behaviour as shown in the previous studies, parents directly or indirectly regulated children’ behaviour. On the other hand, many preceding programs of childhood obesity were also reviewed. It was found that many programs provided intervention and invited parents for assistance. However, parental education was not the focus on childhood obesity programs and parent-oriented approach on childhood obesity program was not commonly found. While limited childhood obesity programs had been found, it is recommended to conduct an appropriate program for children in Hong Kong context. After reviewing the specific characteristics of childhood obesity in Hong Kong context and various childhood obesity programs, the finding of the review paper are expected to realize root causes of the prevalence of childhood obesity and conduct an adequate program for childhood obesity in Hong Kong context. The design of preventive strategies tends to take into consideration of these characteristics against the increased prevalence of childhood obesity.

Keywords: component: childhood obesity, lifestyle behaviour, Hong Kong, Parental education

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