DOI: 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD16.14

Authors: Iris van Weersch, Dirk Ploegmakers, Rijk Blok

Abstract:When city’s become more dense, the need for high rise buildings increases. However, implementation of high rise buildings in a crowded city is difficult on street level. Common high rise designs have a discrete transition between public and private area, subsequently losing interaction with the city. In this research a new high rise building concept has been developed. An integrated design approach combining architectural and structural solutions has been used. The final design consists of three slender buildings with public space between them combined through a diagrid structure. This diagrid structure ensures the lateral stiffness of the buildings. This innovative high rise building concept is a new possibility to implement high rise in a city that combines all important design criteria.

Keywords: component; high rise building; innovative design concept; architecture; structural design; diagrid; integrated design


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