DOI: 10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.77

Authors: Koh Hui Ying, Koh Hui Ying

Cancer pain control is a significant issue which remains an ongoing challenge in Singapore’s healthcare. This paper reviews current provision for cancer pain management in Singapore. The primary aim of the paper is to consider the efficacy of implementing acupuncture as a pain management strategy, working alongside conventional pain treatments. This paper explains the purpose and benefits of using acupuncture as a pain management tool. The paper also serves as a proposal and explores the challenges in the implementation of acupuncture through an Oncology-Based Acupuncture Clinic (OBAC) within a hospital in Singapore for the treatment of cancer pain. A wellknown quality improvement tool known as the Plan-Do-Study- Act (PDSA) cycle will be adopted to provide a systematic approach to test and evaluate the impact of theOBAC.

Keywords: cancer, pain, complementary alternative medicine, acupuncture, symptom management


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