DOI: 10.5176/2251-2853_PSSIR13.24

Authors: Reza Simbar, Reza Asadi khomami and Mahnaz Hajgozari


The starting of Arab spring in the Middle East gives raises some changes in political movements in the region. Government of Turkey which claims that is successor of Ottoman Empire tries to be leader of changes. In any Arab states which protest has been begun, terrorist groups are adherent of protesters. US and Europe and other countries like turkey support protesters; nevertheless they have taken action against terrorist groups. Turkey's claim on the leadership of changes and the formation of new Middle East which is approved by powerful Arab states coincides with Accompany with terrorist groups to fight dictatorship in Arab countries that this subject to contradicts with United States' and Europe war on terrorism. This paper demonstrates how turkey emphasizes on its historical ottoman heritage and national interests. Turkey demands higher and better position in the region by using the events related to Arab spring.

Keywords: Turkey, Ottoman Empire, Arab Spring, Middle East, strategic depth,
Syria crisis, Iran's vision plan

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