DOI: 10.5176/2315-4330_WNC16.91

Authors: Nuttaya Sritakaew, Professor Anthony Paul O’Brien, Dr. Kerry Hoffman


This grounded theory study attempted to expand the knowledge on the impact of teenage pregnancy on teenagers and their families in the Thai context. Result: The main theme from the analysis of the interview data was found to be ‘Undeniable family obligation in teenage pregnancy’. Three sub themes were found under this major category, which included: 1) ‘families facing hardship due to cultural beliefs and social mores’, 2) ‘family disruption due to the unexpected pregnancy’ and 3) ‘family love and responsibility’. Conclusion: Parents are the key people to take care of issues resulting from teenage pregnancy. Support for families during this difficult time will result in all family members’ well-being being improved and moves toward a unique theoretical cultural model of care that embraces a family nursing approach.

Keywords: Culture, Grounded Theory, Teenage, Pregnancy, Family, Thailand

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