DOI: 10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT14.02

Authors: Dr. Atma Sahu, Professor

Abstract: integrating instructional technology component into the pedagogical science of teaching and learning is becoming a major part of contemporary teaching and research paradigms. In view of that, this paper share results of current research addressing issues pertinent to online learning, and teaching of undergraduate mathematics. During Fall 2006 to Spring 2007, the investigator taught technology-rich College Algebra courses, and used various synchronous and asynchronous methods of teaching to integrate technologies in both hybrid-on-ground as well as purely online courses. In addition, this paper significantly illustrates use of innovative online teaching methodologies and analytical approaches as they pertain to the study of undergraduate mathematics education. Adding together, in this paper the author documents whether the technology used is easy and has improved student’s learning outcomes in delivering College Algebra courses (twelve sections, N=170).

Keywords: Algebraic reasoning skills, Assessment, College mathematics, Conceptual knowledge, Curriculum, Online and on-ground, Heuristics, Hybrid courses, Problem solving, Reform in college algebra, Theoretical concept teaching, Virtual Reality, Web 2.0

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