DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-8227-3_WebTech2011_25

Authors: Hyun Namgoong, KyoungMin Lee, HyoungJae Park, Sungkwon Yang and Hong-Gee Kim

With expanding use of the internet, online-commercial sites are getting popular, and a recommendation system takes an important role in the environment. To overcome limitations of history-based recommendation systems, recent researches are devoted to invent different type of recommendation systems.Knowledge-based recommendation system which comparing a user profile with characteristic of items consumes knowledge about users, user profile. This paper proposes an approach for user profile construction through social web sites like, for the knowledge-based recommendation system.This paper will describes over all architecture for the user profile construction and data reproduction methods to derive other explicit information from the gathered data.

Keywords: Knowledge based Recommendation Sysetm; UserProfile; Social Web; Trust; Intimacy; Open API


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