DOI: 10.5176/2251-2853_2.1.99

Authors: Oudah Alenazi


This paper explores the process of hiring EFL teachers, the criteria used, and the effect of the status of applicants as native/non-native speakers of English on their employment potential. A questionnaire surveyed 56 recruiters in Saudi Arabia by asking them to listen to five speakers applying for teaching jobs by leaving voice messages on an employer’s answer machine. The analysis of the data revealed that the academic qualification, teaching experience, native speaker status, nationality, and accents of the applicants were perceived to be important as hiring criteria. Also, it was found that the participants who assigned more importance to the status of the applicant as native or non-native speaker, nationality, and accent perceived the non-native speakers to be less qualified and therefore had limited chances in employability.

Keywords: native speaker;non-native speaker;perception;EFL teachers;employability, hiring process

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