DOI: 10.5176/2251-189X_SEES16.17

Authors: Veronika Vrbová, Lenka Jilková, Marek Staf and Karel Ciahotný

Abstract: Issue is given to research and develop new and effective methods of CO2 capture technologies with a priority focus on usability in the field of energy. Capture of CO2 from coal-derived power generation can be achieved by various approaches: post-combustion capture, pre-combustion capture, and oxy-combustion. The weakest point in the whole chain of technology CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) are just CO2 capture technology. In recent years, the technologies of CO2 capture are examined, developed sophisticated new materials and new technologies. Usable as the process appears to capture CO2 loop carbonate at high temperature. This is a new and very promising technology that may help in mitigation of global warming and climate change caused primarily by the use of fossil fuels. This new technology is based on the use of lime-based sorbents in a dual fluidized bed combustion reactor which contains a carbonator (unit for CO2 capture), and a calciner (unit for regeneration of CaO).

Keywords: CO2 capture technology, carbonate loop, high temperature


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