DOI: 10.5176/2251-189X_SEES15.54

Authors: Yeling Cao, Baoyin Song and Xizhong Jiang


In order to study the binary ice slurry turbulent flow characteristic, an Euler-Euler two-fluid model based on particle dynamics by Gidaspow was developed to simulate ice-slurry transportation in tubes. The effects of velocity, IPF (ice packing fraction) and tube diameter on pipe pressure drop are investigated and main parameters of binary ice slurry transportation in pipelines are studied. The results show that with the increases in flow velocity, IPF or ice particle diameter, ice slurry flow resistance increases, but increasing the pipe diameter will cause the decrease in pressure drop. The velocity and ice volume fraction distributions in the vertical direction and bend pipes are not symmetrical. In 90° bend pipes,there is the maximum value of turbulence kinetic energy near the outer wall area. With the increase in pipe angle, the higher turbulence region gets larger towards the pipe center, and the smaller turbulence region initially near the center is pushed towards the inner wall with the shape of “new moon”.

Keywords: binary ice slurry; turbulent flow characteristic; twofluid model; turbulence kinetic energy


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